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Questions and Answers

We asked the founder/designer of Child Perfume the most commonly asked questions:

Major Beauty magazines on the site, In Style, PEOPLE, Vogue, Allure and Life and Style, tell a continuous story of Child perfume being known as “the perfume that is known to drive men wild”, and how do you explain that comment ten years later?

“It was a powerful comment, made by a major celebrity speaking about her own personal experience with Child perfume to In Style magazine in January of 2000. Child went from an obscure hidden perfume to a well known perfume overnight.

I was even more surprised to read the comment that musician John Mayer made to Rolling Stone about Child perfume… nice to know John Mayer has whiffed Child!

Rolling Stones: John Mayer

Susan, are you surprised when you read these comments made about Child?

“Of course I am… Child has a life of its own. I can't explain any of those comments, they happened on their own… I could fill a book with the tales of the “twist & turns” of the last ten years of Child perfume. It has been a wild, unpredictable decade!”

Why did you release Child perfume in a roll style application?

“It serves the concentrate/elixir style of formula for delivering the highly aromatic Child perfume to the skin. Perfume needs close contact with skin”

You do produce a Spray as well?

“The Child Rollon roll ons will always be the Signature pieces of the line.
The Child perfume Child Rollon roll ons are produced at greater numbers
per year than the Limited Edition Limited Edition with Red Bag.”

Do you sell on line on www.childperfume.com?

“The site offers information and gives the list of the authorized retail establishments that sell/retail Child perfume.”

What does it mean that Child is “Hand Crafted?” Susan Hand Pouring Perfume

“Child is hand poured in the Child Perfume Studio. It is a labor intensive perfume, and because of the intricate steps involved in producing and bottling Child — a limited number of bottles are produced each year. Rest assured there is an abundant supply for the people who love and wear Child perfume.”

What have you concluded in the last twenty years of hand crafting Child perfume?

“Child is a mystery, even to myself”


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