Child Perfume, Heir, Roll On

Child Perfume Heir Roll On as seen on

...and available online at Child Perfume

Enjoy #HotGirlSummer With These Top Picks

After spending the past 16 months on lockdown due to the quarantine protocols in place, Los Angeles is finally opening up. With that said, we’re MORE than ready to hit the road and pretty much go anywhere! Even better, Summer is officially around the corner! We can smell the rosé and sunblock from a mile away. Get ready for Summer with our top picks this season!

Heir Roll On

We couldn’t complete this list without an amazing product that will have you smelling your absolute best. Heir is full of aromatic notes of forest woods, buttery-soft leather and sparkling lime create a transcendent scent enjoyed by both men and women. The best part is it’s an alcohol-free blend of natural and nature-identical perfume essences. It’s light yet present, with a lingering scent that will last.

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