Dallas Modern Luxury

July 01, 2006

Dallas Modern Luxury

Child Perfume, Child Roll On, Heir Roll On

Child as seen in Dallas Modern Luxury...

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Child Perfume by Child: Look Who's Talking

Child's Play - The Birth of a Fragrance

When Susan, a former labor and delivery nurse, mixed up the first batch of oils at a friend's California boutique, Star Wind, amidst new-age talismans, mood-rendering waterfalls, crystal balls and bottles of aromatic oils, she had no idea to just what she was giving birth. The fragrance she would later name Child, has become an organic, yet unforeseen adventure that has amassed a cult following among celebs such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Sigourney Weaver and Mandy Moore.

But before she became a fragrance artist, blending and pouring each bottle by hand in her Hollywood Hills Bungalow, she was a model with flaxen hair (her signature) who partied with members from big-haired bands Motley Cru and Poison. It was during that time Susan was summoned to become a Playboy Playmate. She's proud of her pictorial, but the former bunny is all business. She even changed her name when the fragrance "hit" in 1990, from Susie Bunny, to Susan D, artisan perfumer. "How can you be bigger than the bunny?" she laughs.

Child, with its seductive jasmine notes, breathes a siren song that lulls men such as admitted Child fan Vince Vaughn, whose rumored lady Jennifer Aniston reportedly purchased 10 limited edition fragrance sets recently. And actress Jennie Garth has been quoted more than once professing the scent's ability to "drive men wild." Her liquid gold was first sold at Fred Segal in L.A., the imperial seat for hip-seekers, then at New York's Henri Bendel, becoming the retailers' No. 1 selling fragrance. The elixir is sold at only 25 doors nationwide, on websites and in Dallas at Talulah Belle.

Susan calls Dallas home now, and has give birth to Child's sibling. But there's no rivalry here. The 2-year-old musky men's brew, named Heir, (although) women wear it too) is as loved as her original, eliciting kudos from world fragrance expert Michael Edwards.

"Fragrance has an emotional impact—the ability to take you back," she says softly. "Child is divine and mysterious. All the scents that were out there were wimpy, and I certainly wasn't!"

HOTS: Love, friends, being touched, plush king-size mattresses, The Anonymous 4 Chilingirian Quartet CD with Tavern, paintings by Sonny DeLipsey, The Near Death Experience of Mellen-Thomas, first few sips of fresh hot coffee in the morning, smiling followed by exhausting laughter.

NOTS: When I hear the statement, "YOU don't have a boyfriend?," Penn & Teller's constant cussing by the big guy, alarm clocks, spilling perfume, too much drama (a little is fine), a bad, bad kiss, the wrong red lipstick, not being yourself.