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Gift Idea: Child Perfume Candle

For everyone who’s ever put California Dreamin’ at the top of their playlist – for those who crave the beachy vibe of the California lifestyle – for the person who wants to play among the dunes, feel the surf between their toes, inhale the natural, heady scent of pure white flowers, just feel beautifully at ease in their own skin…there is child perfume now in a candle, new for Holiday.  $65/ 8oz.

What is it about Child Perfume that has celebrities like Jen Aniston, Hilary Duff, Jennie Garth, and so many more (Sigourney Weaver, Christina Applegate, Denise Richards, among others) gravitating to it…the allure of white florals – tuberose, magnolia, and orange blossom? The fragrance that comes across like a natural enhancement of your own scent vs. a perfume?

I have this candle and it smells divine!! I burned it last night after a shower to unwind and boy did it smell up the room, I highly suggest trying it out and it would be such a great gift idea!

child is rich and intoxicating, some call it mesmerizing yet its beauty is understated, it’s a close-to-the-skin scent that’s feminine and sensual. Just ask John Mayer – he recognizes it the moment a woman walks into the room…

The sheer, simple prettiness of the scent that brings everyone around you into a sunny, joyful state – that naturally lingers…the original oil roll-on lasts and lasts…


Inviting you to let the bright citrus notes at the top draw you into child’s powdery blend of lilac, magnolia, and vanilla then ease gracefully into a heart of jasmine, tuberose, and violet before your fragrant dream finishes with lasting notes of musk, mimosa, rose and soft woods.

Considered “a secret handshake” among fragrance lovers, child is distinctive and recognizable. It’s intoxicating, a sensual, feminine scent that’s uniquely memorable. Let summer’s warmth lead you into winter with the new child candle.

Photo by Child Perfume

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Child Perfume Scented Candle - details below

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